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Regular Visits to Irvine Health Center

Your Regular VIsits to Irvine Health Center

Dr. Rawlings adjusting a patient.

Treatments will be given based on your choices on the second visit.

We’ll be retraining your spine so that it’s in an improved position, works better and causes you less pain and discomfort. It will take some repetitive visits to make changes. Remember, at first your adjustments are like going to the gym. We all know that we can’t go to the gym one time and expect miracles overnight.

Your time is valuable and we know how busy you are. We respect your time and really try to run on time. Without “rushing” you, we work to get you in and out of the office with a minimum of waiting. Patients have commented to us on how smoothly and efficiently we run our schedule.

We recognize your time is valuable. Some patients may need extra time in the office for treatment and therapy. Even with that we’ll have you on your way with the utmost speed and efficiency.

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Irvine families enjoy chiropractic and its amazing benefits.