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How Chiropractic and PMS Relate

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) can be a real pain for millions of women every month. It is often associated with low back pain and the common theory is that PMS causes the back pain. However, clinical studies are suggesting that spinal misalignment could be causing PMS symptoms. Although there is not enough research support to definitively conclude either theory, a new study could be the first step in support of chiropractic care for PMS.

This study, conducted by Walsh and Polus, examined the incidents of spinal misalignment and dysfunction in PMS patients versus the control group that does not suffer from PMS. Patients with PMS had significantly greater amounts of spinal tenderness, muscle weakness, leg length discrepancy, and worse outcome assessment scales.

Whether PMS causes the spinal misalignment and back pain or the misalignments cause PMS is still unknown. However, when solving the back pain symptoms, the cause is of less importance. Patients want their symptoms resolved, and that is where chiropractic can help. Spinal manipulation would be of benefit regardless of the theory believed. Up to 95% of reproductive age women experience some degree of PMS and up to 20% experience disabling symptoms, meaning almost all women can benefit from chiropractic care to treat PMS symptoms.

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