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Does Organic Produce in Irvine Really Make You Healthier?

What can fruit flies tell us about organic produce? According to one study featured in the New York Times, a lot!

A recent study conducted by an enterprising middle school student, with the help of professional scientists, revealed that flies fed organic produce had better health. They lived longer, had superior stress tolerance and had better fertility than the flies fed conventional produce.

The scientists aren’t sure why, but one theory is tied to less pesticides. Fewer toxic chemicals ingested from our foods leads to better health. Instead of focusing on filtering out the bad stuff, our bodies are able to focus on healing.

We’re big believers in the value of organic and local produce. Many of the patients that we see just want to be healthier. Focusing on what we eat is a big part of that, along with a properly functioning nervous system.

Getting more fruits and vegetables is the cornerstone of most dietary recommendations. It’s easy to see why. When you feed your body the highest quality raw materials, it performs better. Well-nourished bodies are able to stimulate their own ability to heal, especially in conjunction with regular chiropractic treatments.

Many people resist the idea of buying organic produce because it’s more expensive. If you head straight to the grocery store, that’s often true.

But farmers’ markets and community supported agriculture associations (CSAs) are a great way to get fresh produce at lower prices. Irvine is full of many diverse options.

To buy local produce visit the Farmers’ Market at Orange County Great Park every Sunday. The Orange County Farm Bureau also has a directory of farmers’ markets throughout the week in Irvine and neighboring cities. If you want to talk more about how to improve your health, give us a call and begin safe and natural chiropractic care!

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